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MWC Preseason Media Poll

July 27, 2010

You know football season is quickly approaching when the preseason media poll is released. There aren’t many surprises here as things look pretty clear-cut as of now but you never know when the season starts. Injuries, super impact freshman and transfers can shape a team allowing them to rise to the top or sink to the bottom. There is a full season preview to come on Cowboy Tough but off-hand I have a similar opinion as the media with the only exception being we might flip-flop BYU and Air Force. Here is what the media is predicting for 2010:

Mountain West Conference preseason football poll
(As chosen by a poll of MWC media members; listed with first-place votes in parantheses)

1. TCU (31) … 279
2. Utah … 242
3. BYU … 207
4. Air Force … 195
5. Wyoming … 147
6. San Diego State … 128
7. Colorado State … 96
8. UNLV … 56
9. New Mexico … 45

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