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Mountain West Expansion On Hold ………For Now

June 7, 2010

UPDATE: The MWC has scheduled a 11:45 MST press conference. It is expected they will announce if the conference is expanding or not. My  initial guess of Boise being added looks to be wrong as no MWC presidents will  be speaking. When TCU was added the president at BYU spoke. Full details to follow!!!!

The giant elephant in the office of every college athletic director is still in the room and it looks like he may be staying for a while. The MWC was already to issue an invite to Boise St. as early as today but it looks like that is on hold for now according to reports out of Idaho. This is due to the fact that there is great uncertainty in the air after the Pac-10,    Big-12 and Big-10 had meetings over the weekend (hit up the conference links for the latest from each conference). The Pac-10 is looking to raid the Big-12 south with the Big-10 going after Big-12 north teams Nebraska and Mizzou. This puts the Big-12 “leftovers” in play for the Mtn West, those teams could possible include, Kansas, Kansas St., Iowa State, Colorado and Baylor. So the Mountain West has put a hold on adding Boise to see what the other power conferences will do in the next few weeks. A 10, 12 or 16 team MWC is in the very near future and Boise would be included in each of those scenarios so their invite could still come sometime this month. Although all of this is un-needed in Cowboy Tough’s opinion is interesting to watch as college football as we know it is reshaped.

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