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Good News, We’re Notable

April 13, 2010

I was flipping through the TV channels on Saturday afternoon and I ran into a few highlights of the TCU spring game on ESPNU. They showed a few plays, had an interview with Gary Patterson and got to talking about TCU’s 2010 schedule. Then, they put up a graphic on the screen that surprised me. It looked something like this (sorry I don’t have a screen grab or something but you will just have to trust me):

Notable 2010 TCU Games 

9/4  Oregon State

9/24 @ SMU

10/9  Wyoming

10/16  BYU

10/23  Air Force

11/6 @ Utah

What jumps out at you on that list? Well the inclusion of our very own Wyoming Cowboys of course! Now we have a long way to go because outside of Fresno St. we got creamed by every good team we played but the bottom line is someone on the production crew at ESPNU thinks we are at least a threat. There is no doubt the bowl game had a lot to do with that being on ESPN, it’s just nice to know we are relevant and on the right track again.


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