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Spring Thoughts

April 5, 2010

I was flipping through the spring football prospectus and as usual it was filled with a plethora of information. Yet through all the stats and bios there was one single thing that caught my eye the most. And here it is: 

War Memorial Stadium by Decade

Decade Record in “The War”

1950s 30- 9-4 (.744)

1960s 37- 4-1 (.893)

1970s 26-25-1 (.510)

1980s 44-16-0 (.733)

1990s 45-15-1 (.746)

2000s 28-30-0 (.483)

Total 210-99-7 (.676)


  It’s no secret that the 2000’s were a dismal era in Wyoming football but now we have a number to put to it. It rates as the worst decade in Wyoming football history just below the 70’s where the Cowboys were struggling from the fallout of the Black 14. The 2000’s did not have a definitive event that set the Wyoming program back but a series of unfortunate events that even Lemony Snicket couldn’t dream up. First of all former AD Lee Moon ran off Joe Tiller for no reason and he hired Dana Dimel. In my opinion Dimel was a very good football coach but he lacked as a recruiter and up and left the Pokes for Houston. If these events don’t happen there is a 0% chance we would have had to suffer through all this losing and the likes of Vic Koenning.  

The bottom line is the Pokes couldn’t protect their home field which offers one of the best home advantages in all of college football. Not because of crowd noise of course (which can be very loud at times) but due to the altitude (hello 7,020 Ft!). If the Wyoming football program is to improve into MWC contender status it all starts at defending the War in the 2010’s. Christensen understand this and he got off to an okay 3-3 start at home when you consider the 3 loses at home were to teams ranked 14th or better in the final BCS rankings (Texas, TCU and BYU). With home games this year against So. Utah, Boise St., Air Force, Utah, SDSU and CSU the Pokes should be somewhere around 4-2 if all goes well. Which would be a good start to get the 2010’s winning percentage in the 70% range that the football program needs. 

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