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2009-2010 Basketball Season In Review: Part 2

March 27, 2010

As promised here is the second part of my year-end look at the basketball season. I was going to make this a three-part series but all it does is aggravate me, so this will be the final piece of the puzzle. I think we all need to turn the page and that’s what I’m looking to do here. Before we proceed I would like to give a thumbs up to the Cowgirls team and their strong showing in the women’s NIT. Next year could be very bright for them as they do not graduate a single player off this years squad. Now on to some analysis!

Three Reasons For Hope Heading Into Next Year


The Cowboys only lose one player due to graduation (and I would like to put the emphasis on due to graduation, you’ll see why later) in Sr. wing player Ryan Dermody. Dermody was a transfer from the University of Colorado and played very well his sophomore year scoring 9.3 points a game. His future looked very bright but due to the coaching change and some injuries he was never really the same player. This past year he only scored 5.5 per game in 23 mins of playing time so his production shouldn’t be hard to replace in 2010-2011. The rest of the roster is young and should be able to improve their games over the summer as they continue to grow in the system.


The Pokes were hit with a bit of an injury bug this year. Due to injury Afam Muojeke our best offensive player only played in 16 games and starters Adam Waddell and JayDee Luster were hardly at 100%. Waddell is a solid player but was always nicked up and could only play about 20 mins a game. Luster played a lot of mins this year but wasn’t at full strength due to an early season shoulder injury and it showed in his shooting hitting just 29 % of his shots. Then there is the case of Boubacar Sylla who was highly promoted by the coaching staff but producted little because of foot injuries. With a little luck the Pokes will be a healthier team and will be more productive moving forward.


Heath Schroyer has gone to the JUCO ranks to bring in two players who should help the team in areas of need. First is Western Nebraska Community College  6 foot 4 shooting guard Francisco Cruz. Cruz is from Mexico and played is high school ball in Denver. Last season he scored over 20 points a game while hitting 47% of his three-point shots. For a team that only shot 26% from three his abilities are much-needed. Next the Cowboys went big adding Delgado Community College 6 foot 8 power forward Brian Gipson who averaged an amazing 14.5 boards a game leading all JUCO players. This year Wyoming’s leading rebounder was Waddell at just over 5 per game so you see how much Gipson may be able to help. There is also a verbal commit from a HS shooting guard in Joe Hudson but I view him as more of a project player, Cruz and Gipson will have an immediate impact. 

Three Reasons For Concern Heading Into Next Year


Heath Schroyer is still the coach. Now that’s a blanket statement but here is why this is a problem. He keeps talking about his program and his system but I’m not really sure what type of system he is trying to run and what he values in a program. In year 4 of a coaching tenure you should be moving forward but we are clearly moving backwards. His in-game yelling and screaming is  a problem to some and he has already ran off several of the players that he recruited. I don’t think he is the guy moving forward but due to the ill-timed contract extension given to him by Burman he will probably be here at least two more years.


We have all heard Heath’s mantra that this is a young team and they need time to grow. Well here is a newsflash for ya Heath, the rest of the league is pretty darn young as well. When you look at the All-Mountain West teams there are only 2 Sr’s out of 15 players and neither of them were on the first team. It’s going to be hard for Wyoming to grow and develop past other teams that are growing and developing as well.


Injuries are going to be a concern heading into next year. Will Muojeke’s knee be ready to go? What about Boubacar Sylla will his foot problems even allow him to be on the team? Then there is Adam Waddell who I am very fond of, can he stay healthy? When on the court Waddell makes the Pokes much better than without him. With Adam having three years of injury problems now it is safe to say he is injury prone.

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  1. November 13, 2010 5:53 am

    well of course community colleges are part of a good educational system too .-.

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