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2009-2010 Basketball Season In Review: Part 1

March 19, 2010

 What do you say after the Cowboys put together a very dismal 10-21 season? “OUCH!”, comes to mind but there is much more to say when you add to that record 0-8 in conference play on the road and the worse home record (12-9) in the history of the AA. Heath Schroyer says better times are ahead for the program and he better be right if he wants to keep his job. Now on to the first part of the review…..

Most Valuable Poke:

Due to the knee injury of Afam Muojeke the 2009 Mountain West Freshman of the year, true freshman Desmar Jackson was forced into action and paced the Pokes in scoring at 11.8 points a game. He showed tremendous skill and nice shooting touch making just over 50% of his shots. He played out of control at times and averaged just about 3 turnovers a game but if he can continue to mature as a player he has the makings of a star.

Least Valuable Poke:

This may not be fair but I have pegged Boubacar Sylla into this slot. I don’t blame it on him but rather Heath Schroyer, when the Auburn transfer came into the program Heath proclaimed Sylla was a game changer with NBA talent. Foot injuries and perhaps a lack of true talent limited Sylla to just 2.6 points a game and his future with the program is very much in question.


Three reasons for hope and concern going into the 2010-2011 basketball season.

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